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Learn about how working capital solutions can benefit your business

Applying for additional working capital through a recognized lender like Fora Financial is a secure way for business owners to obtain cash. Our working capital blogs explain how you can obtain and utilize small business financing.

SBA 7(a) Loans vs. SBA Microloans

April 29, 2019
Since 1953, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has helped countless small business owners receive necessary financing. The SBA’s primary mission ...

SBA Loans and Grants for Women Business Owners

April 24, 2019
The number of women opening their own businesses has increased greatly in the past few years. In fact, the American Express’s Women-Owned Businesses R...

Pros and Cons of Equipment Leasing

April 22, 2019
Depending on your business’s industry, purchasing equipment may be one of your largest expenses. For example, according to ShopKeep, the average resta...

Pros and Cons of Unsecured Business Loans

April 17, 2019
Many entrepreneurs pursue business loans to fulfill their additional financing needs. Even profitable businesses often need a cash injection to expand...

The Importance of Responsible Working Capital Management

April 15, 2019
Having enough money on-hand for last-minute or emergency needs is incredibly important for business owners. In fact, your ability to master working ca...

What's the Difference Between Revenue and Profit?

April 10, 2019
Unfortunately, if you don’t have a background in finance, understanding financial terms is rarely intuitive. However, as a business owner, gaining a s...

What You Should Know When Applying for Working Capital from a Lender

April 08, 2019
Receiving financing from a working capital lender can be an advantageous way to improve your business’s operations. From expanding your business to pu...

What is an Installment Loan?

April 04, 2019
An installment loan exists any time you borrow money from a lender in exchange for agreeing to make principal and interest payments over an agreed-upo...

How to Responsibly Pay Off a Small Business Loan

April 03, 2019
Many small business owners utilize a loan to sustain their operations. Some use a loan when they start a business, while others utilize it after being...

What Happens When You Default on a Loan (And How to Avoid It)

April 02, 2019
Whether you’re starting a new business or hoping to grow your company, financing is key. Since cash flow is often unpredictable in the early stages of...

Pros and Cons of a Secured Business Loan

April 01, 2019
A secured business loan is a great way to fund new ventures, supplement your cash flow, and establish or re-build your business credit. Still, a secur...

How to Use Working Capital for Your Mom and Pop Business

March 29, 2019
Happy National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day! This day originated when a son created this day for his parents, who owned a hat shop located in Evere...
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