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5 Ways Text Messaging Can Help Your Small Business
April 18, 2017

5 Ways Text Messaging Can Help Your Small Business

As a small business owner, implementing new technologies can be a hassle. Regulations are tight, and information must be tightly protected. Unfortunately, this can often make it difficult to engage with your customers.

Since it is likely a main priority for you to connect with your customers, it is imperative that you find convenient, safe ways to interact with them. Text messaging has made people’s lives easier than ever, and it is rare to find someone who doesn’t utilize this form of communication. If you want to better reach your audience, consider implementing an SMS solution.

Here are five easy ways that you can use text messaging to improve your small business’s customer experience:

1. Add security: Since your customers are trusting you with their information, security should always be a top concern. If somebody accesses their account without permission, it could cost them a lot of money and stress. This is why you should have added security for your customers. First, you can allow customers to enable a multi-factor authentication where they can only log into their account after receiving and entering a pin that is sent right to their phone. Second, you can enable login notifications sent via SMS. Because 91% of all adults have their phones within reach 24 hours a day, they’ll know instantly if someone has accessed their account without permission.

2. Send reminders: Both you and your customers will benefit from sending timely, reliable reminders. Effective communication is vital for a company’s success, and is necessary when providing customer service solutions. If a customer has an upcoming appointment, you can send them a quick reminder so that they don’t forget. You could even send them reminders when there is a change in your business’s hours, or when you are having an upcoming sale.

3. Provide account queries: You can integrate text messaging directly into your coding to allow customers to gather information and manage their accounts with a simple text message. For example, they could check outstanding balances, receive delivery updates or any other necessary information pertaining to your business that customers need to know.

4. Offer customer service: For inquiries or problems that are too complicated to handle with a simple shortcode, you can provide customer service directly via SMS. Even if customers send their questions in via email, telephone or live chat, you could send them updates via SMS if they’d like to get the information the moment it is available.

5. Keep customers in the loop: Perhaps most importantly, you can use SMS to send customers information that’s relevant to them, and could potentially generate more sales. You can send them information on new services or products that you believe would be a good fit based on their profile, or simply to reconnect with old customers that you have not communicated with in a while. They’ll get information that can help them make decisions and you’ll have a chance to boost revenue and develop a closer relationship with your customers.

Running a small business involves many different moving pieces, but implementing SMS for communicating with your customers can be a huge help. By using SMS to add security, send reminders, allow customers to access their account and more, you’ll create a better user experience. Your customers will be more loyal and engaged, and your bottom-line is sure to see a noticeable impact.

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