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How to Prepare for a Business Trip

October 18, 2018
Going on a business trip can be very exciting. However, because there are so many details that need to be accounted for, they can also be very stressful. Fortunately, by being organized and preparing for the trip in advance, you can spend less time worrying and more time getting things done.

Do’s and Don'ts of a Business Audit

October 17, 2018
When you own a business, maintaining accurate financial records and paying your taxes on time are necessary to keep operations running smoothly, especially if you want to avoid the inconvenience of undergoing an IRS audit. Although your chances of being audited may seem low (the IRS only audited about 0.5 percent of all tax returns filed in 2016) you’re not necessarily in the clear.

What to Do If You Inherit A Small Business

October 15, 2018
If you’ve recently inherited business, you probably have an endless supply of questions running through your head. The business world doesn’t sleep, and you’ll need to keep the company running during the transition. But what’s your first step? Who do you contact? Even with a detailed succession plan in place, transferring business ownership can get messy if you don’t take the proper course of action.

The Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Business Loans

October 11, 2018
If your small business needs more cash than can be supplied through business credit lines or personal credit cards, it may be necessary to finance expenses through a loan.

10 Morning Habits Every Business Owner Should Try

October 09, 2018
As a business owner, you likely obsess over how you can improve their bottom line. While this is certainly important, you shouldn’t neglect your personal needs, because this can end up being detrimental to your business. One way to invest in yourself and your business is to create a healthy yet productive morning routine.

PPC vs SEO: Which One is Right for Your Business?

October 02, 2018
Regardless of your industry, you probably rely on your business’s website as a primary marketing tool. However, it isn’t enough to simply have an online presence. You should also learn effective ways to drive your target audience to your website. Although there are several online marketing options to consider, search engine optimization and pay-per- click advertising campaigns are generally among the most effective options.

Pros and Cons of Receiving a Business Line of Credit

September 28, 2018
When it comes to running a small business, having ample cash flow is imperative. Due to this, many business owners apply for a business line of credit. Although lines of credit can be a great financing source, it’s important to review the pros and cons of this product prior to submitting your application. To help you figure out if a line of credit is right for your business, we’ll detail what this financing product is, how it’s used, and what the benefits and downsides are. Let’s get started!

How to Make Accurate Financial Projections

September 28, 2018
You know you should have a firm grasp on your business’s current and future finances. However, even if you want to get a handle on your income and expenses, projecting into the future can be difficult.

How to Utilize Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

September 27, 2018
With more than 25 million active businesses on Instagram and one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Instagram allows you to engage with your current customers while also showcasing your brand to a new audience.

The Pros and Cons of Having Employees Work from Home

September 26, 2018
A survey from the New York Times found that 43 percent of Americans spend some time working from home. Many businesses have flexible work-from-home arrangements that range from full-time remote work to one or two remote days per week. Still, the variations in jobs, workplace culture, and individual personality can make this decision complicated.