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The Surprising Effectiveness of Vacation Rental Tax Shelters

January 27, 2020
Do you own a cabin on the water? How about a luxury condo in the heart of Manhattan? If you own a vacation rental property, it could act as a tax shelter that saves you money during tax season.

How to Determine Solid Self Employed Retirement Plans

January 26, 2020
Self-employment comes with significant freedom, but there’s also more responsibility required. If you’re a self-employed professional, one of the biggest factors you should consider is how you’ll save for retirement.

6 Tax Problems To Avoid This Season

January 26, 2020
Tax season is never a fun time. Business owners must spend time preparing their taxes, which takes them away from managing their businesses. Worse, several tax problems will cause headaches for them when the tax authorities discover discrepancies.

Four Low Cost Employee Incentives

January 25, 2020
Are your employees motivated? Do you find they aren’t performing as efficiently as possible? While you could them offer more money, there are other low-cost ways to keep your employees motivated; you can offer them incentives.

How to Optimize Invoice Payment to Free Up Valuable Time

January 24, 2020
If you’re like most business owners, you often wonder where the time goes during your day. Time is something that seems to escape business owners.

When To Chase Accounts Receivable Payments (And When To Give Up)

January 24, 2020
In theory, collecting payments should be one of the easiest parts of running a business. In reality, though, it rarely is.

How To Attract Customers in 8 Creative Methods

January 24, 2020
Customers are the lifeblood of most businesses because they buy your products or services. Finding customers can be a challenge, but one that business owners can overcome.  

Starting An LLC: LegalZoom Or The Do-It-Yourself Method?

January 24, 2020
One of the most essential steps to starting a business is setting your brand up as a legal entity. Many small business owners become overwhelmed with the different types of business structures available. However, most decide on an LLC for the protection it provides from liability.

The Ultimate Guide To Business Travel

January 24, 2020
Business travel is a beast. From unplanned layovers to airport security, hotel decisions to packing, there are many things that can go wrong. However, understanding how to efficiently travel will help you alleviate the stress of traveling for business purposes.

The Ultimate Guide To Succeeding As A Freelancer

January 23, 2020
A long time ago, becoming a freelancer was often considered a last-resort option. It was an existence reserved for those unable to secure permanent employment, instead resulting for part time gigs.