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How to Master Successful Small Business Customer Service

June 13, 2016
Handling customer service issues can be tricky! Make sure your small business is prepared to correctly respond to customer service complaints, so that you can retain customers and resolve any problem that comes your way.

How to Handle a Hack and Prevent it From Happening in the Future

April 18, 2016
If your small business’s technology is hacked, make sure that you’re appropriately prepared to handle the situation, and prevent it from happening again in the future.

6 Restaurant Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

February 04, 2016
Ready to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at your restaurant? If not, these tips will help you get prepared to serve customers during the biggest football game of the year.

Get to Know Your Customers Day

January 21, 2016
Today is Get to Know Your Customers Day! Forming meaningful relationships with your valued customers will inspire them to continue visiting your business. Plus, having their feedback will help you improve your small business’s operations.

Importance of Customer Feedback & Testimonials

March 14, 2014
Customer feedback is where most businesses learn how to better serve customer needs, and ultimately continue to succeed and grow as a business. As a small business, listening to your customers will enable you to elevate your services.

Defining The Customer Experience

February 06, 2014
If you’re a small business owner, it is imperative that you reflect on the experience that you are offering your customers. Without loyal, satisfied customers, your business won’t succeed. It is important to ask yourself, what will keep customers coming back?

Turning A Cold Call Into A Customer

January 24, 2014
Cold calling usually happens during the earliest stages of the selling process. This initial phone call is an important stage and technique in completing a sale. When cold calling, the first impression means everything

How to Win the Customer Every Time

December 04, 2013
As a small business owner, it is pivotal that you make each and every customer feel appreciated. Delivering professionalism, customer service and quality products will ensure that your customers continue to give you business. Read more about how to win the customer every time!

Creating Loyal Customers

November 08, 2013
When it comes to running a successful small business, ensuring you have loyal customers is one of the most important aspects. Keep your customers happily coming back, and watch your business grow!

Maintaining Business Relationships

August 09, 2013
When it comes to networking, focus on quality, not quantity. It is important to foster creative business relationships, but don’t forget to maintain relationships with professionals you already know. Check out our networking tips, and you’ll be acquiring valuable contacts in no time!