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Online Business Loans: How to Secure This Type of Financing

October 14, 2021
Online business loans are a popular way for small businesses to obtain financing. Most online lenders offer a wide range of funding options, as well as an easy approval process. They can also disburse money quickly.

5 Things To Know Before Applying to a Working Capital Lender

August 16, 2021
Receiving financing from a working capital lender can be an advantageous way to improve your business’s operations.

5 Small Business Challenges and How Working Capital Helps

July 27, 2021
Running a small business isn’t for the weak of heart; it takes hard work and perseverance. For example, you’re responsible for managing finances, hiring employees, providing quality customer service, and overseeing your business’s overall operations. And these are just a few examples; usually, business owners take on even more tasks!

How to Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance in 4 Simple Steps

July 14, 2021
If you’re a small business owner that needs additional financing, you may want to apply for a merchant cash advance.

The Pros and Cons of a Merchant Cash Advance

May 19, 2021
If you accept frequent credit card payments from your small business’s customers, then you’ve probably heard of merchant cash advances.

Declined Business Loan Application? The Steps to Take Next

April 22, 2021
Applying for business financing is often time consuming, but it can be necessary to keep your business up-and-running.

Alternatives to Bank Lending: 7 Other Options

March 24, 2021
All businesses need capital. The ideal means of obtaining capital is through a business’s core operations that generate revenue.

Invoice Factoring vs. Merchant Cash Advances

February 01, 2020
Cash flow challenges aren’t unique to your business; every business has them. That said, with a litany of financing options at your disposal, how you manage cash flow, is unique to your business. Two common options used for short-term financing are invoice factoring and merchant cash advances (MCA). These financing methods are similar in that they both provide short-term cash flow.

Capital One Spark Cash Credit Card Review for Small Business

November 12, 2019
Business owners are always looking for ways to save money and grow their business. Any advantage they can find may help their businesses in succeeding in an ever-competitive business environment. 

5 Reasons to Pursue a Restaurant Cash Advance

September 12, 2019
Owning a successful restaurant requires numerous costs. From inventory to staffing to rent and other bills, your business can’t survive without funds to afford these consistent expenses. Because of this, many business owners in the restaurant industry turn to cash advances.