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The Benefits of Having a Good Business Credit Score

August 15, 2019
As a small business owner, it’s vital to understand the importance of establishing a good credit score. This is especially crucial when starting a business, as you likely won’t have enough cash on-hand to fund all your business expenses. This includes costs like equipment, advertising, inventory, and payroll.

What is a Charge-Off and How Can It Affect Your Credit?

August 05, 2019
Among the many factors that can hurt your business credit, charge-offs usually have one of the most severe effects.

How to Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit

July 23, 2019
As you probably already know, maintaining an above average credit score is immensely important while running a small business. This can be especially pivotal when you’re in need of additional working capital, and are considering applying for a small business loan from a lender. Unfortunately, if your credit score is low, it can make it very challenging to get approved for financing.

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Guarantees

June 27, 2019
According to the National Small Business Association Year-End Economic Report, more small businesses than at any point in the last 10 years are either growing or expect growth in the coming year. And, chances are, many of those businesses will finance growth with a small business loan.

8 Credit Repair Companies That Can Help Your Business

May 29, 2019
When you have bad credit as a business owner, you’ll pay more for financing. In some cases, bad credit may prevent you from obtaining a business loan in the first place.

Getting a Business Loan with Bad Credit? Here's What to Do

May 22, 2019
Bad credit can plague any business owner. Perhaps you forget to pay a bill, or your business is low on cash flow. Before you know it, these issues have lowered your credit score, and your business in a challenging financial situation.

What Are Delinquent Loans?

May 07, 2019
Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a delinquent loan as a small business owner. That said, delinquency is an important concept to understand if you’re borrowing money, or plan to borrow money to finance your business in the future.

5 Tips in Honor of National Credit Education Month

March 04, 2019
Did you know that March is National Credit Education Month? As a business owner, your business and personal credit scores may affect various aspects of your business.

How to Get Equipment Financing with Bad Credit

February 22, 2019
When you have a bad credit score, getting approved for equipment financing might seem impossible. Although qualifying for traditional equipment financing when you have a low credit score can be difficult, there are options other than typical equipment loans.

How to Dispute A Credit Report Mistake

January 11, 2019
A credit report is a crucial document used by financial institutions to determine how trustworthy potential borrowers are. A good report will help you receive appealing credit card and loan options, while a negative report means you might not be offered anything at all. That’s why it’s important to check your credit report periodically and ensure nothing out of the ordinary pops up. In addition, fraud can be prevented with careful monitoring, and you might even catch errors made by the credit bureaus.