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How to Get Approved for a Business Credit Card with a Low Credit Score

May 16, 2018
It should come as no surprise that small business credit cards account for $430 billion in spending in the United States. After all, for small business owners, these credit cards are crucial, as they fix cash flow issues and allow them to separate personal and business expenses.

How to Maintain a Good Credit Score

April 17, 2018
Even if you’ve built a strong credit score, it doesn’t mean your work is done. Credit bureaus will never stop monitoring your credit activity in an effort to judge your creditworthiness. That means no matter how responsibly you’ve paid your bills in the past, falling off track can have a serious impact on your credit score.

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Reducing Small Business Debt

April 04, 2018
As a business owner, you’re likely accustomed to spending money on a variety of areas. From payroll to equipment repairs to monthly bills, it can be easy to acquire significant debt. In addition, your debt can be increased if you receive business financing, and need to repay it. No one wants to stay in debt, and reducing it can be challenging. In this post, we’ll detail five ways entrepreneurs can reduce their small business debt and remain operational.

5 Sites You Can Use to Determine Your Credit Scores

March 26, 2018
Did you know that Dun and Bradstreet began providing business credit scoring in 1849? Then, in 1989, The FICO scoring model became the standard way to measure the risk of an individual borrower. Each company offers a scoring scale, using data found on credit reports, to measure the risk of a credit application.  As a business owner, it is pivotal that you know what both of your scores are.

The Four Best Ways to Use a Bad Credit Business Loan

March 21, 2018
Unfortunately, your credit score can affect your small business’ ability to acquire capital. Lenders want to work with business owners who have favorable credit scores, since they consider it an indicator of whether they’ll be repaid. Due to this, if your business has a limited credit history or a bad credit score, you may want to apply for a bad credit business loan.

What to Do if You Have Bad Credit and Can't Get a Business Loan

February 20, 2018
Bad credit can plague any business owner. Perhaps you forget to pay a bill, or your business is low on cash. Before you know it, these issues have lowered your credit score, and you’re your business in a challenging financial situation.

How to Get Equipment Financing with Bad Credit

February 15, 2018
When you have bad credit, getting approved for equipment financing might seem impossible. Although finding traditional equipment financing can be difficult, there are options other than typical equipment loans.

5 Credit Cards for Business Owners with Bad Credit

February 06, 2018
If you own a small business, your personal credit score may affect your ability to secure business funding. Ironically, one of the ways you can improve your credit score is opening a credit card account and making your payments in full and on time.

The Benefits of Having a Good Business Credit Score

January 30, 2018
As a business owner, its vital to understand the importance of establishing a good credit score. Especially when starting a business, you likely won’t have enough cash on-hand to fund all your business needs including purchasing equipment, inventory, and affording other costs.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Bad Credit Business Loan

January 19, 2018
Do you need additional business financing? Unfortunately, if you have a low business credit score, you may feel like securing a loan seems unfeasible. Many banks avoid loaning money to individuals with low credit scores, making it challenging to find financing. Still, there are bad credit business loan options available, but you should weigh your options prior to applying.