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Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards: What’s Right for Your Business?

May 25, 2018
As a business owner, you have many choices when it comes to almost every aspect of handling your finances. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing whether to manage your daily spending with a credit card or a debit card.

How to Open a Business Bank Account

May 23, 2018
Opening a business bank account is an important early step in the journey of small business ownership. By doing so, you’ll be able to separate your personal finances from your business finances, which is vital when establishing yourself as a legitimate business.

Buying vs. Renting a Location for Your Business

May 21, 2018
As a small business owner, you should think carefully about your expenditures. In fact, not making enough money to cover expenses is one of the reasons that many business owners fail.

6 Tips to Follow When Moving Your Business to a New Location

May 17, 2018
Moving to a new business location is a big step, and requires organization, considerable research, and budgeting. There are many reasons that you might be considering moving your business to a new location, such as cash flow issues, increased rent, and an expanded market. Regardless, opening a new location could benefit your business and ensure that you’re able to earn more sales going forward.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Your 401k to Start a Business

May 16, 2018
If you’re thinking about starting a new business, you’re probably considering different ways to secure funding. In order to avoid the costs of a loan from a bank or the Small Business Administration (SBA), many new business owners choose to start their business with whatever wealth they already have.

6 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Small Business’s Finances

May 15, 2018
Every small business owner has made their fair share of mistakes. Learning from your own mistakes and those made by others can help you work through problems and give your business a better chance of succeeding.

What to Consider Before Applying for Financing as a Woman Business Owner

May 11, 2018
Since the Equal Credit Opportunity Act was passed in 1972, obtaining financing as a woman business owner has gotten much easier, even if things still aren’t perfect. However, women-owned businesses have outgrown other small businesses by 1.5 times over the past 15 years, so it’s more important than ever for female entrepreneurs to have access to financing options.

How to Get Approved for an Inventory Loan with a Bad Credit Score

May 08, 2018
As a business owner, you may think that without a high credit score, you won’t be able to obtain financing at a reasonable price, or at all. Of course, having a good credit score opens up many doors is beneficial, but it’s still possible to qualify for and receive additional business financing. One example is an inventory loan, which is financing that can be used to purchase items that you’ll sell or use to operate your business.

The Pros and Cons of SBA Express Loans

May 04, 2018
Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans are a popular option for businesses that need quick financing. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to secure financing through banks and other traditional sources, because these lenders think that small businesses come with too much risk.

Pros and Cons of Equipment Loans

May 02, 2018
Deciding if an equipment loan is right for your business will depend on several factors. However, if you’re heavily reliant on expensive equipment to run your business, an equipment loan is something you should consider.