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E-commerce Financing: How to Get a E-Commerce Business Loan

July 23, 2021
In 2011, US e-commerce sales hit $199 billion. In 2019, e-commerce sales reached $576 billion, which amounts to 189 percent in sales growth over eight years. The next year, when the pandemic hit, sales spiked 31 percent in one year to $759 billion.

SBA Preferred Lenders vs. Alternative Financing Lenders

July 21, 2021
Most small business borrowers tend to focus exclusively on loan types. They focus on interest rates, loan structure, and fees, but neglect to consider the type of lender behind each loan type. 

The Pros and Cons of Fast Business Loans

July 20, 2021
At some point, you may need money to cover a business expense right away. If you wait weeks or months to get approved, it could hurt your business’s operations.

Our Guide to Business Loan Down Payments

July 16, 2021
With a business loan, you can keep your business running smoothly and pursue long term growth opportunities. Depending on the type of loan you take out, you may need a down payment. You can think of a down payment as an upfront partial payment for the loan amount.

How to Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance in 4 Simple Steps

July 14, 2021
If you’re a small business owner that needs additional financing, you may want to apply for a merchant cash advance.

Conventional Business Loans vs. SBA Loans: How to Decide

July 14, 2021
As a small business owner, you’ll likely need additional cash flow at some point. Conventional business loans and Small Business Administration or SBA loans are two options you can choose from.

Small Business Loans vs. Invoice Factoring: How to Decide

July 12, 2021
Managing cash flow is an ongoing, ever-present challenge for just about every small business owner. However, given how unique every business is and the variety of financing options, there’s no single, uniform way to manage cash flow.

What is a Hard Money Lender?

July 12, 2021
In the real estate business, fast cash is often required to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities. Yet, other than some alternative loans, most business funding takes a long time to provide funds. Or, it doesn’t provide enough funds to finance the business opportunity.

How to Negotiate Better Business Loan Terms

July 09, 2021
In a perfect world, you’d apply for a business loan and get the terms you want. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t always happen during the loan application process. A business lender may approve you for a loan with terms that don’t satisfy you.

10 Business Loan Requirements Applicants Should Be Aware Of

July 09, 2021
A small business loan can help you cover business-related expenses, increase cash flow, and enable you to grow your operations.