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Should You Use a Business Credit Card for Personal Expenses?

January 14, 2019
Understandably, most people try not to open too many credit cards, to protect their credit score. Due to this, it might be tempting to open a credit card for your business that you can also make personal purchases on. Plus, given the potential for earning valuable rewards on business credit card purchases, it may seem logical to use a business credit card for personal expenses. In reality, covering personal expenses with a business credit card can seriously impact your business’s financial well-being. Still, the severity of risk depends on your circumstances.

Review: Citizens Bank Business Credit Cards 

January 04, 2019
Citizens Bank Business Credit Cards are a popular option for small business owners looking for financing. If you’re a small business owner, a Citizens Bank Credit Card may be the right choice. However, whenever considering a credit card, you should read the fine print and to evaluate your needs.

The Best Prepaid Debit Cards for Business Owners

December 26, 2018
The popularity of prepaid debit cards is widespread and growing in the United States –  and for good reason. Prepaid debit cards provide the same convenience you get with a credit card, while also helping you control your spending. With a prepaid debit card, you load a fixed amount of funds onto the card, so you can only spend the funds that are already on the card.

Which Wells Fargo Business Credit Card Is Right for You?

December 11, 2018
Wells Fargo is one of the oldest banks in the United States and has been operating since 1852. in fact, it’s the third largest bank in the nation, with nearly $2 trillion in assets.

Business Lines of Credit vs. Business Credit Cards

November 29, 2018
When your business requires a cash influx, credit cards and lines of credit are great options to consider. With these two financing products, you can grow your business and prepare it for future success. Unfortunately, many business owners confuse credit cards and lines of credit as being the same, causing them not to choose the option that is best-suited for their company’s needs.

Review: Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Cards

November 07, 2018
Delta Airlines consistently ranks among the best American airlines, offering great service, on-time arrivals, and an extensive route network. They also offer well-regarded Gold, Platinum, and Reserve Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Cards that offer numerous benefits, such as frequent flyer perks.

Review: Barclays Business Credit Card Options

October 25, 2018
When used responsibly, business credit cards can be a great tool for managing short-term cash flow issues. Yet, with so many options, potential rewards, fees, and other important factors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in your search for the right card.

Review: Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi Card

October 17, 2018
Costco is a popular supplier for small businesses. In fact, Costco has opened 17 Business Centers nationwide, and have a business credit card in conjunction with Citibank.

5 Business Credit Card Requirements You Should Know About

October 11, 2018
As your business grows, your need for business financing will likely increase as well. If your business is like 13.9 million others in the United States, then you may have an immediate need to apply for a business credit card.

Review: Mastercard Business Credit Card Options

October 05, 2018
A credit card can often have a major impact on your business’ monthly bottom line. As time goes on, the consequences of choosing a less than perfect credit card will continue to compound. When selecting the credit card that your business will use on a regular basis, its terms, interest rates, and available benefits will all need to be considered.