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Navigating Winter Roads
January 22, 2014

Navigating Winter Roads

When you are a part of the trucking and transportation workforce it is important to follow strict safety measures to ensure your well being on the road. During the winter, individuals working in the trucking and transportation industry must be especially careful while on the job.

The road can be a dangerous place for anyone, but the risk can often times be even higher if you are a driver going thousands of miles in harsh winter conditions. For many drivers of large freights the winter roads can be extremely dangerous as you cannot always predict how inclement weather may affect the roads. Each year poor weather conditions are responsible for 24% of the accidents that take place on the road.

Appropriate inspections should be done whenever you’re hitting the road but especially in the winter.

Trip planning is the key to safe and stress free winter truck driving. The winter roads can be rough and you don’t want to wait until the weather has already gotten cold before you plan out a route. Make sure you keep a list of safe places to chain up and chain off, so you know how close you to safety at all times to safety. Another important aspect to planning a safe trip is to get comfortable monitoring weather patterns. Use your XM radio, appropriate weather channels, or the internet to be kept abreast of upcoming weather where you will be passing by.

Appropriate inspections should be done whenever you’re hitting the road but especially in the winter. The last place you want to find out that your break light is not fully working is during a heavy snowfall. Changing a flat tire in inclement weather is also extremely dangerous, especially when there is snow on the ground, so check those tires! Have the proper equipment on board, that means warm clothes, and safety devices if you breakdown and are forced to wait for assistance in the cold.

Driving in the winter months does not have to be dangerous. Be prepared for the worst and understand your limits, your trucks limits, and the limits of the road.

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