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Thriving in a Digital Economy
January 31, 2014

Thriving in a Digital Economy

With the growing popularity in digital marketing, small businesses can benefit from incorporating it into their strategies. Digital marketing offers a creative outlet for small business owners to advertise their business, gain more customers and show off their brand.

Did you start out as a small Mom & Pop restaurant or maybe boutique salon? No matter the type of business you own you may be finding it difficult to come up with new and innovative ways to keep up with the growing competition. Digital marketing can be your best solution yet. Often times small businesses that have been around for many years serving their communities can get stuck in old habits. Unaware of what type of marketing strategies they are missing out on they continue down the same road of marketing, never trying anything new. The truth is, there is an entire consumer market out there for your small business that you are most likely not reaching.

Between, email, website, social media, blogs, mobile marketing, webinars, and utilizing search marketing you can take your business to the next level.

The question for these small businesses is how can you use online marketing tactics to reach more customers? There are so many ways that you can reach customers that are fresh and unique to your competitors. Between, email, website, social media, blogs, mobile marketing, webinars, and utilizing search marketing you can take your business to the next level.

Use email marketing to reach all your customers, let them know about certain promotions and savings. With the majority of mobile user’s having smart phones, they can access email almost anywhere! Use search marketing by utilizing Google’s ad platforms and optimization. This will help your customers find your business when they are searching for services you offer. A website can showcase your products and provide excellent customer service. Social media has grown by leaps and bounds for business purposes. You can now use your social channels to connect with customers where they live and socialize. Having a company blog will give your business a voice and personality that customers can connect with and build brand loyalty. Mobile marketing for smart phones gives more opportunities for accessibility to customers and prospects. Lastly, webinars and videos will demonstrate how to use your products and also be a great platform to deliver customer reviews and testimonial!

Get started today and start thriving and benefiting off this new digital era!

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