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How to Juggle Parenting & Running a Business on National Working Parents Day
September 16, 2016

How to Juggle Parenting & Running a Business on National Working Parents Day

Juggling the roles of small business owner and parent is not an easy challenge. Your day-to-day is a constant balancing act, where you’re trying to take care of your children, while devoting the necessary time to running your business.

In order to be an involved parent and a successful business owner, it is pivotal to learn multi-tasking, organization and other skills that may seem simple. In honor of National Working Parents Day, we’ll suggest four tips for working parents, so that you can excel as a parent, and a business owner!

How to Be a Better Parent & Entrepreneur in Honor of National Working Parents Day

1. Get Organized

It’s true, being organized can make or break your day. It may be tempting to use your weekends for relaxation, but try and get ahead by planning the following week’s schedule. Pre-pack your child’s lunch, or work ahead on your business’s current marketing initiative. Try and make your life easier by using a planner, in addition to getting little tasks done ahead of time. You’ll thank yourself when Monday morning rolls around!

2. Be Understanding of Other Working Parents

This can be your employees, or other working parents you know at your children’s school. Chances are, they too are struggling to balance their responsibilities. In the workplace, you can let your employees bring their children with them on certain days, so that they don’t have to pay for child care. Of course, this will depend on your industry, and if this will distract them from their job.

Have a light day at work? Offer to drive a working parent’s child home for them from school. Chances are, they will reciprocate in the future when you’re in a bind. By offering support for other working parents at your child’s school or activities, you’ll have people that you can rely on, that are likely in a similar situation.

3. Set Aside Time for Both Roles

Sometimes, trying to do too many things at once can be a disaster. There will be times that you need to turn off your phone while at home, so that you can focus on your family. At the office, you may need to rely on your spouse or another family member to watch your kids, in order for you to better your small business. Your pride may tell you to try and do everything at once, but this will likely lead to important tasks slipping through the cracks.

Again, utilize a planner to ensure that you can block off time solely dedicated to work or your family. This way, both will get the attention they deserve!

4. Make Time for Yourself

Let’s be honest, there are probably days that you are pretty burned out. Running a business requires hard work and persistence, and parenting is a 24/7 job.  When possible, unplug and set aside some time for yourself! You’ll come back refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Acknowledge National Working Parents Day by re-evaluating how you balance being a parent and running your small business. Have any hacks for fellow working parents? Share them in the comment section below!

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