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Defining The Customer Experience
February 06, 2014

Defining The Customer Experience

If you’re a small business owner, it is imperative that you reflect on the experience that you are offering your customers. Without loyal, satisfied customers, your business won’t succeed. It is important to ask yourself, what will keep customers coming back?

Every type of business offers their customers a different experience. The experiences from one business to the next may vary but it is important that any institution offering a product or service leaves their customers feeling valued and rewarded. As a business owner you want your customers to walk away with a feeling that will make them remember your business and come back for more.

A usable product or service would represent something that is easy to work with, and have engaged value.

The most important question to ask is “What does the Customer Experience mean? At Fora Financial we define our customer experience on how the customer perceives their interactions with our company. There are three main components that make up this experience for customers and those are; usefulness of the product or service, usability, and the emotional satisfaction to the customer.

If we were to break down these three components we see that usefulness represents the selling of a product or service which delivers value to customers. A usable product or service would represent something that is easy to work with, and have engaged value. Lastly, a product that is emotionally engaging, the customer that is using the product or service finds it to be enjoyable so much so they continue to use it.

It may not be clear what your customer experience is for your business, but hopefully it is something you will start to think about it. The customer experience is not necessarily how quickly an email or phone call is responded to, but how the customer feels emotionally about your company as a whole. When a business takes effective steps to address their customers experience the results will show that it eases customer acquisition, drives customer loyalty, and improves customer retention.

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