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How to Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey
June 02, 2017

How to Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you’re looking for ways that your small business can improve, why not ask your customer base? Creating a thorough customer satisfaction survey can help you connect with your patrons, and learn how you can better serve them.

Conducting customer satisfaction research can allow your business to revise products, services, customer relations and other logistical areas. Instead of assuming what will make your customers happy, you should go right to the source! In this post, we’ll provide tips on how to create a customer satisfaction survey that will enable you to learn from your customers, without taking up too much of their valuable time.

Four Tips for Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. Choose Your Audience

Before you start writing your customer satisfaction survey questions, you should decide who you’re going to send the survey to. This will depend on how targeted you want your survey to be. If you’re inquiring about opinions over a specific product or service, you should only send the survey to individuals who have purchased it. Sending it to other customers wouldn’t be beneficial. In comparison, if you’re sending a broader survey, you can expand your audience.

2. Determine the Questions You Need Answers To

If you’re serious about receiving helpful feedback, you need to ask the right questions. Maybe you’re curious about whether customers are appreciating a new product or service. Or you’re wondering if your customer service efforts are effective. These are just a few examples of important customer satisfaction survey questions that you should consider asking your clientele. The specific questions will depend on your business’s industry and what you’re hoping to learn from your customer base.

3. Keep it Concise

By asking people to complete a customer satisfaction survey, you’re asking them to take time out of their busy day to help your business. Respect their time by creating a succinct survey that is easy for them to understand and respond to. Consider mixing up question format between multiple choice, rating scales and short answer. If you make the entire survey a short answer format, participants may not feel like completing all the questions.

4. Consider How to Respond

While carrying out customer satisfaction research, you should decide whether you are going to ask for the participants contact information at the end of the survey. Some participants may prefer to be anonymous, but if they opt to provide their information, you might want to consider contacting them later. You may be able to ask them for further clarification on their answers, which can give you more insights.

Sending a customer satisfaction survey can show your customers that you value their feedback, and it can help you enhance your small business. The more that you listen to your customers, the better your customer retention will be!

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