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7 Tips for Naming a Small Business
September 05, 2017

7 Tips for Naming a Small Business

While naming a small business may seem like an easy project on your to-do list, it really is a decision that should be given some serious thought. A name is something that will represent your business for a very long time, and will be one of the first things that people learn about your business. So, if you are wondering how to name a small business, seeking to find small business name ideas or just wondering if your name is a good choice, check out our seven best tips!

How to Name a Small Business

Tip #1: What Does It Tell People?

One of the most common ways to name a small business is by simply choosing a name that describes what the business is or what it offers. “Smith’s Dry Cleaning,” for example, may not be the most creative name in the world, but it does tell people what they need to know about the company. Although you don’t have to be plain or dull with your name, you should evaluate your potential small business name ideas by asking yourself: “What does it tell people?”

Tip #2: Is It Relevant and Flexible?

One thing that people often neglect to consider when they are choosing a name for their small business is how well the name will grow with their company. “Small Town Mowing, LLC” may seem like a fun and down to earth name, but if the business plans to grow beyond the small town or into diverse services like landscaping or fertilizing, then this name may hold them back in the long run. Consider the future of the business and choose a name that will stay appropriate and flexible for years to come.

Tip #3: How Does It Search?

In today’s technology driven age, search engine traffic can be one of the top ways that many small businesses grow and thrive. Because of this, it is important when naming a small business to research how that name could enhance or take away from a business’s search engine optimization. Names that contain keywords that people often search for are great for this. For example, “Joe’s Seattle Coffee House” would typically produce better and more relevant traffic than just “Joe’s Coffee House.”

Tip #4: Is it Easy to Spell and Say?

People might shy away from businesses with names that they either can’t say or can’t spell easily. While your last name may be common knowledge to you, be sure and ask yourself if others will pick it up just as easily. If the answer is “no,” you may want to think twice before using it in your business name.

Tip #5: Is it Available for Use?

Once you have brainstormed one or two potential business names, check if the name is already being used. First, you can check with the Secretary of State’s office, as they will be able to tell you if the name is already taken by another person in your state. You may also want to check URL availability with a company like GoDaddy.com as well.

Tip #6: What Feedback Did You Get?

Before you finalize the registration of your business name, ask people for their advice. Social media sites make a great place for this, as you can quickly initiate polls or surveys to many people in your existing network. Ask family, friends or fellow entrepreneurs what they think about the name you have chosen and contemplate their suggestions.

Tip #7: Do You Like It?

Last, but certainly not least in the journey to naming a small business is to decide if YOU like the selected name. It will be a name that you and your business will be associated with for many years to come, so the ultimate decision should be one you love.

Have the perfect business name ready to go? Make it legally yours by registering it with the Secretary of State, purchasing your website URL and obtaining any trademark or copyright that is needed. Once you complete these steps, and you know that your name is securely yours, you can confidently begin marketing it to create a brand that is unique to your business!

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