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5 Things Every Manager Should Know Before Hiring Millennials
May 03, 2018

5 Things Every Manager Should Know Before Hiring Millennials

Millennials are individuals who were born between 1980 and 2000 and now comprise a growing portion of the labor force. This group of people has generally been molded by uncritical, adoring parents and well-structured formative years. In addition, many millennials have grown up in diverse environments and get along with people of different backgrounds.

In the workplace, millennials have some definite preferences. The usually prefer a teamwork centric atmosphere, enjoy the social aspect of work, like having their opinions taken into consideration, and want to have a structured plan for development. With this information in mind, managers should strongly consider the following before hiring millennials to work at their businesses.

How to Hire Millennials to Work at Your Small Business

1. Be a Strong Leader

Millennials aren’t content simply taking orders from their boss. Most likely, they’ll want to learn from your personal and professional experiences so that they can develop their careers. In fact, 35 percent of millennials say that strong leadership affects how they perceive company culture.

If you want to hire millennials to join your team, you’ll need to be prepared to be communicative with them. Millennials want to know what’s going on in their organization and they also like to have a chance to make their insights count.  In addition, you should regularly provide feedback about their job performance. Try to provide feedback on a frequent basis; 62 percent of millennials say that they feel “blindsided” by a performance review. To prevent millennial employees from feeling this way, we suggest scheduling frequent meetings with them to assess their work. This will help them understand their strengths and weaknesses, and will allow you to address any issues.

2. Promote Teamwork

As stated above, most millennials prefer a team atmosphere.  If your business depends on staff members working independently, you might have to change that. Millennials believe in the synergies made possible by teams, and want to succeed as a group rather than as an individual. If you haven’t had your employees work in teams before, this can present some challenges. You might need to help these groups get used to working together, but if you have numerous millennials on your staff, they’ll likely appreciate this new format.

3. Generate Excitement

Before hiring millennials, you should create an environment that revolves around your employees, rather than around the work you want them to do. Ultimately, an employee-centric workplace will help address their social needs, and hopefully make them loyal to your organization. Don’t be afraid to make work fun.  You should be concerned if you have millennials on your team who aren’t laughing, sharing lunch together, and engaging in group activities outside of work.

4. Encourage Networking

Millennials aren’t satisfied with simply mingling with their coworkers. They’ll likely maintain their online relationships via social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. As they do this, they’ll probably express their feelings about your firm. Rather than trying to stifle this activity, you should look for ways to make it work for you. Encourage them to promote your business, and network with other professionals. Through their abilities to build connections, you could have an easier time recruiting new employees, forming partnerships, and connecting with customers!

5. Provide Balance

Although past generations often seemed comfortable devoting their entire lives to their careers, millennials have differing views on work/life balance. Rather than taking work home or working on the weekends (to plan for retirement), these workers want to enjoy their life right now. If you demand too much from your millennial workers, you’ll lose them. In fact, one of the top reasons that millennials leave their current jobs is for a company with more flexibility.

To avoid losing valuable employees, give your employees ample time off. Additionally, policies such as flexible scheduling and telecommuting to help make work compatible with millennial lifestyles. Similarly, by shifting to a task-oriented management style, you can encourage millennials to use technology and innovation to boost their efficiency. Their reward is having more time to spend living rather than working.

Hiring Talented Millennials

Remember that over-generalizing a population can cause problems. Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all approach to human resources, be flexible enough to personalize your strategy to make all your employees feel valued. Although you may need to adjust your management style, the results you get will make the effort worthwhile. By taking employees’ opinions into consideration, you’ll build a stellar reputation for your company. As a result, you can expect to attract high-quality workers while boosting employee retention.

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