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4 Women Entrepreneurs that Aspiring Business Owners Can Learn From
January 31, 2018

4 Women Entrepreneurs that Aspiring Business Owners Can Learn From

If you’re a woman business owner, you know that it can be both exciting and challenging to run your own business. It requires perseverance and focus, and many people aren’t up for the challenge. Luckily, many women have paved the way for today’s female entrepreneurs to shine. In this post, we’ll tell you about four notable entrepreneurs, and explain how their experiences can inspire you.

1. Debbi Fields – Even if other people don’t believe in your business, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dreams! Debbi Fields is a testament to that. After deciding she wanted to start a business selling her delicious cookies, she was told by her loved ones that it wouldn’t be profitable. She was met with more adversity when she was turned down by numerous banks for a business loan. Even once her business was off the ground, she had to walk up and down the sidewalk on her first day in business to sell cookies, because no one was visiting her store. Still, she persisted, and today Mrs. Fields is one of the most recognizable brands worldwide.

Want to learn from Debbi Fields? Remember that even if your business isn’t met with enthusiasm initially, that doesn’t mean it won’t prevail. Instead of giving up, you must take pride in your ideas, and prove to the people around that that they are going to work.

2. Angie Hicks – Chances are, if you’ve been on the hunt for a service provider or wanted to read reviews about local businesses, you’ve turned to Angie’s List. Well, Angie Hicks is to thank for that! At the beginning of her career, Angie started a small business called Columbus Neighbors. This business venture didn’t immediately become a success, and Angie spent her days going from door to door trying to recruit new clients. Eventually, this hard work paid off, and the business was later re-named Angie’s List.

Angie Hicks is proof that not every business begins as a booming success. It might take long hours and failed attempts before your business takes off. If you have a passion for your product or service, though, it will be worth it!

3. Estée Lauder – Some women entrepreneurs discover their purpose early on in life, and Estée Lauder is an example of that. As a teenager, Lauder learned how to create beauty creams from her uncle, a chemist. She turned this interest into a business, by selling her homemade creams at local salons.

Over time, her business grew, and she eventually formed the now-iconic Estée Lauder Cosmetics Inc. Still, her humble beginnings can teach today’s business owners how a hobby or passion can be developed into a lucrative business.

4. Mary Kay Ash – Another notable beauty mogul, Mary Kay Ash is known as the founder of Mary Kay Inc. What many people might not know is that her career reached a turning point after she left a job in which a man she had trained got promoted to a role above her, which boasted a significantly higher salary. Because of this injustice, she decided to start her own business. She was 45 at the time. Many would consider this a major risk, but Mary Kay proved to be triumphant, and Mary Kay Inc. sold nearly $1 million in products by the end of its second year.

Are you discouraged by your career, or perhaps feeling unfulfilled? Look to Mary Kay for inspiration! She wasn’t satisfied with her career trajectory, and took matters into her own hands. You can do this, too. It’s never too late to start a small business!

You might be intimidated by the women business owners featured in this post. Their success could seem unattainable, but that’s where you’re wrong. By following the examples of these women, and learning from both their successes and failures, you might find yourself being described as a legendary entrepreneur one day, too!

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