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How to Utilize Your Employees to Market Your Business
May 24, 2018

How to Utilize Your Employees to Market Your Business

When you consider how you can market your small business, you likely think of email marketing, social media campaigns, and other traditional efforts. Although these are important components to consider, you should also determine how you can incorporate your employees into your marketing strategy. Even employees who aren’t on your marketing team can benefit your business’s sales efforts outside the office, by promoting your company to their friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone else they come across.

In this post, we’ll provide five actionable ways that you can inspire your team to endorse your company on their own time!

5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Market Your Business:

1. Ask Them to Get Social

You might not realize it, but social media can be a beneficial way to get employees involved with your business’s marketing strategies. Most likely, they have their own personal social profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Due to this, you could ask trusted employees to advertise your business on their pages. You could do this by sharing pictures of your company culture, such as team-building retreats or your weekly catered breakfast, or by posting about your company’s products or services. Ultimately, this will allow your business to be in front of new potential customers that might not otherwise know about your offerings.

2. Give Them Swag

If you want your employees to promote your small business, why not give them branded items that they’ll be excited to wear or use? For example, give new hires a sweatshirt with your company logo on it, or gift the entire company with phone cases or gym bags at a holiday party. Your employees aren’t necessarily required to advertise your business when they’re off the clock, but if you give them free swag, they’ll be more inclined to do so!

 3. Start a Referral Program

Another way to incentivize employees to promote your company is to start a referral program. This could be for employees who recruit new customers, or even new hires if you’re looking to expand your team. For every referral that they bring in, you could provide them with a cash bonus, extra vacation day, or other type of reward. Most likely, they’ll be motivated to generate business or recruit new employees while off-the-clock if they know that something is in it for them.

4. Share Links to Company Review Sites

As we previously mentioned, you might be focused on expanding your business’s team, in addition to increasing sales. If this is the case, you can send your staff the links to your business’s profile on sites like Glassdoor, which feature current and past employee reviews. Of course, you shouldn’t pressure your employees to write reviews; it should be their choice. Still, ensure that they are aware that the profiles exist, so that they can write a review if they’d like.

5. Use Website Testimonials

Another way to showcase your employee’s opinions of your business is to ask them to write testimonials for your website. These testimonials could be about the products or services you provide, or they could highlight what they love about working at your company. In terms of format, you could feature written quotes on your website, or shoot a video of employees talking about their experiences. Either way, it will add a level of trust to your marketing, as most people will find this more relatable.


Now that we’ve provided you with a few helpful ideas, you can start brainstorming a plan for getting your employees actively involved in your marketing strategy. Remember, happy employees are more motivated in their work and will produce better results. Treat your employees well, and they’ll be happy to help in advertising your business on their own time!

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