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6 Types of Social Media Contests Your Business Should Consider
October 22, 2018

6 Types of Social Media Contests Your Business Should Consider

If you’re a small business owner, social media can be a powerful and inexpensive tool for marketing your brand and attracting new customers. A social media presence can also bring credibility to your business and help you compete with other companies in your industry. According to a recent Clutch survey, 54 percent of small businesses post on social media daily, and 94 percent post at least once each month.

Of course, for your social media strategy to be effective, you need to attract followers. An easy way to encourage social media users to follow you, engage with your content, and support your business is to sponsor contests. By motivating your target audience with prizes and other incentives, you can quickly increase your online following. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of six simple social media contests you should try to attract followers and gain potential customers.

Consider These 6 Social Media Contest Ideas:

1. Surprise Giveaways

Surprising one of your social media followers with a prize is one of the simplest contests you can run. Your giveaways can be completely random, periodic, or attached to a milestone — for example, when your Facebook page reaches 1,000 followers. While this strategy doesn’t necessarily encourage active engagement with your audience, it’s a simple way to incentivize people to follow you.

2. Voting Promotions

An effective way to engage your audience is to put them in control when it comes to picking contest winners. Whether you ask your followers to submit photos or name a new product, voting contests allow others to decide what they like best — and gives you some insight into how your potential customers think. Simply ask your followers to “like” their favorite post, and then award the individual who submitted the post that receives the most likes at the end of the contest period.

3. Form Submissions

Although social media can help you market your business and engage with your audience, an email list allows you to communicate with current and potential customers completely on your own terms. To build your list, consider setting up a form and ask people to submit their email address to be entered in a giveaway contest. You can link to the form on your social media page or use a third-party tool to collect information. This approach allows people to participate in your social media contest without having to publicly share their personal information.

4. Location Check-Ins

Many social media platforms allow users to check in at specific business locations. To promote activity on your social media pages and encourage customers to visit your business, ask your followers to check in every time they’re at one of your locations. At the end of the month, reward the customer that has checked in the most times. This strategy works best if you own a business that customers are likely to visit frequently, like a gym or coffee shop.

5. Caption Contests

Caption contests are a fun and creative way to attract followers and get people to interact with your social media pages. They also allow you to quickly generate activity without much effort. Simply post a funny photo to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page and designate a prize to be given to the user who posts the funniest caption by the end of the day. To really engage with your followers, allow them to vote for the winner by liking the best post.

6. Photo Contests

Photo contests can allow you to build content for your business’s social media pages and connect with your followers on a more personal level. Ask your followers to post photos via Facebook or Instagram that either tag your company page or use a brand-specific hashtag and award the participant with the best post. You can then add all the photos to a gallery on your social media page, which encourages participants to share your page with their followers, too.

Are You Ready to Host a Social Media Contest for Your Business?

Everything you post to social media helps you define your brand and generate interest in your business. You have countless options when it comes to gaining new followers and encouraging activity on your social media pages, so be creative. Also, if social media isn’t your strength, consider hiring an intern or outsourcing this task to a freelancer.

Ultimately, a good social media marketing strategy can easily set your business apart from the competition, so don’t be afraid to try out a few of the ideas mentioned in this post. If you’ve already hosted some social media contests for your business, be sure to share your tips with us in the comment section below!

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