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Master Online Marketing with a Small Business Blog
March 24, 2016

Master Online Marketing with a Small Business Blog

Consider starting a blog for your small business! With a blog, you can show off your knowledge on your business’s industry, while also promoting your products or services. Check out our tips for starting a successful blog, that will help you market your small business.

There are numerous ways to use online marketing to set your small business apart from competitors. Starting a business blog tailored to your company or industry is a proactive way to show off your knowledge about the small business world, while promoting your products or services. Although blogging for business requires a lot of work, it will allow you to reach new customers, and potentially increase sales.


The first task you should complete is creating a list of potential post ideas. Discuss topics, generate a posting schedule and delegate roles to your team. Think about what you want to accomplish by blogging; it could be gaining customers, having a platform to share company news or creating another space to showcase your brand. After getting organized, you can get started on the blog!

Set up and SEO Optimization

When blogging for business, you’ll need to learn how to use search engine optimization (SEO) appropriately. Luckily there are many basic guides that help beginners learn about SEO. We recommend using WordPress, since it is a reliable platform that is fairly easy to master. To start, you should produce 4-5 topic categories and give each post an eye-catching title, in addition to keywords and tags. Try to repeat these factors consistently to increase SEO status.

Before advertising your blog, ensure there are at least 5 posts on your site. Having multiple posts for readers to peruse will keep them interested and hopefully entice them to visit your site in the future. Try to post a blog in each of your topic categories, so that readers understand the subjects your blog covers.

Create graphics and images

Your entertaining, well-written content will be even better with accompanying images. If possible, take your own pictures or make graphics for each post. If you don’t possess the skills or resources to create images, consider subscribing to a stock image service. Featuring strong images on your blog will help it reach its full potential, so feel free to get creative.

Promote your blog

In addition to images, another way to elevate your blog’s performance is to share posts via your business’s social media accounts. Sharing your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ will attract additional readers, and guarantee your business’s social media platforms have fresh content. You can also share the link to your blog on your company’s website, or feature the link on marketing materials in your business’s physical location.

Listen to feedback

Once your blog is up and running, encourage readers to leave comments on your blog posts with questions and feedback. This will help you evaluate your customers’ reactions and understand which content is effective. Encouraging feedback on your blog will allow you to form meaningful professional relationships with your customers, and get insight into what isn’t working for your business.

With these tips you’ll be able to learn how to blog for business, and write posts that will give you another opportunity to communicate with customers and set your business apart from other companies in your industry. Even though blogging for business takes considerable effort, it will be worth it to have an additional online marketing platform to share content related to your business and overall industry.

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