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Low Cost High-Impact Business Marketing Tricks
July 28, 2017

Low Cost High-Impact Business Marketing Tricks

Most digital marketing plans aren’t fire and forget. Without feeding the digital marketing fire, continued growth is difficult. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to make a complete overhaul every quarter either. Often, the plan just needs a little tweaking.

Take your small business’s website, for instance. There are a few inexpensive things you can do to make sure that your website is working for you rather than against you. None of these marketing tricks take much time at all, and will improve your website conversions in the long-run.

Use Exact Match in your Pay-Per-Click

If you are running ads, make sure that they’re specifically focused on your target audience. This means using the ‘exact match’ feature on Google for your ads, rather than ‘broad match.’ Using exact match will save your business money because it will be shown to less people. However, if you choose your keywords correctly, those people will be highly qualified. Since you’re not a national brand with a lot of money to burn, broad match PPC ads may not be a good choice. Fortunately, it’s an easy switch.


  • Save money
  • Target the right audience for your small business

Match Landing Page and Ad Language

Don’t leave any room for confusion in your landing page. These visitors have come to you from an advertisement, and they’re expecting you to deliver the goods. Your landing page is the place where they can get access to what the ad promises. Matching the language and the offer in the ad with the landing page isn’t just good for conversions, it will also raise your quality score and make your ads cheaper over time. In comparison, if it’s too different, then your PPC network might think you’re doing a bait and switch and cut you off!


  • Show customers exactly what they want to see
  • Get cheaper ads overtime

Monitor your Analytics

Analytics are the key to understanding how well your PPC campaigns and websites are performing, so you should check them on at least a weekly basis. They give you the data you need for proper A/B testing. Without good data, you won’t be able to determine if your online marketing efforts are successful. Learn how to read your analytics, and you’ll ensure that you’re not wasting time or money.


  • Create better marketing campaigns
  • Increase conversions

Examine Your Blog

Is your blog delivering content that your audience wants to read, or is it completely sales-focused? Or maybe your blog is gathering dust, and you aren’t posting any content at all. Blogs are one of those things that need a constant update, at least once a week. If you’re unable to do this, consider hiring an outside writer to provide consistent content. Publishing content to your website frequently should be a priority, since it can help improve your online ranking.


  • Improve your ranking
  • Be a resource for your customers

Get to The Point

 You’ve got a short amount of time to capture and keep the attention of your business’s website visitors. There are some studies out there which say that a visitor’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. While that’s debatable, it’s evident that potential clients will go away if you don’t make it clear what your business does and how they can enter your funnel.


  • Capture your visitor’s attention better than your competitor
  • Meet your customer’s expectations

Simplify Your Website 

We’ve seen websites which can only be classified as ‘all that and the kitchen sink’ when it comes to goods and services. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when faced with choices, and customers are less likely to act if they are given too many options. They’ll become flustered and leave your site in search of someone who can better fit their needs.

The solution to this is to decide on the three to five things that you can knock out of the park and only highlight those on your site. This tactic is designed to get more focused clients to your site and encourage a higher conversion rate. One of the side benefits of doing this is that you open the door to being perceived as a specialist in your industry.


  • Make it easier for your customer to navigate on your site
  • Get more sales by limiting the products shown to one customer per page

There are countless things that you can do to enhance your website without breaking the bank. It really comes down to keeping just the essentials. We’re all dealing with so much distraction that simple and clear information in an easy-to-navigate website cuts through the clutter. Plus, through understanding your customers and honing your message to fit their needs, you will open the door to many new sales.

Try these simple tips and review your marketing campaigns. It doesn’t take very long to come up with a list of improvements over the next month. Have other marketing tricks to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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