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Marketing Tip of the Month: Hiring a Strong Marketing Team
February 23, 2018

Marketing Tip of the Month: Hiring a Strong Marketing Team

Did you know that 47 percent of small business owners handle marketing on their own? Or that 49 percent of entrepreneurs aren’t sure that their marketing initiatives are effective? These statistics prove that although marketing is important to a business’s success, many business owners struggle to make their efforts worthwhile.

While we commend you for trying to handle business marketing on your own, you might benefit from hiring employees with experience in this area. By recruiting marketing professionals, you can create better content, refine your strategies, and ultimately gain more sales.

How to Hire Marketing Employees

1. Think About Your Business’s Industry and Goals

If you’re ready to hire a marketing team, consider your business’s goals. Are you a service-focused business? Or perhaps you run a retail store? These factors could determine how you market your business. When hiring marketing employees, look for candidates who have previous experience in your industry, or have successfully executed campaigns that are similar to what you’d like to achieve. If they are already familiar with your industry and goals, it will be easier to onboard them, and they might be able to provide insights that they’ve learned in their previous roles.

2. Invest in Well-Rounded Individuals

If your business currently doesn’t have a marketing team, you should recruit professionals with diverse experience. Instead of hiring marketing specialists, recruit full-stack marketers who have knowledge of various marketing skills. As an example, instead of hiring an employee who specializes in email marketing, recruit someone who has proficiency with email, direct mail, social media, and content creation. This is especially beneficial if you have a budget to stick to, and can’t afford to hire multiple marketing associates.

3. Consider Personality

Although you should aim to hire talented individuals who meet your requirements, you should also consider their personalities. During interviews, ask questions that will allow you to see what their personality is like. For instance, you could present hypothetical situations and ask how they’d react, or ask them to provide you with an example of how they’d overcome past challenges.

Aim to build a team of individuals who can get along and work collaboratively. If you don’t take personalities into consideration, you could run into issues if your team isn’t cohesive.

4. Write Clear Job Descriptions

To attract the employees that you’re looking for, you’ll need to write clear job postings. This will allow candidates to find out the prerequisites you’re expecting, and hopefully eliminate anyone who isn’t the right fit. If you don’t provide a complete list of what the individuals responsibilities will be, the skills that are required, and your company’s benefits and culture, you likely won’t hire the right candidate. This could cause major issues; as you’ll waste time and resources onboarding an individual who isn’t the right fit for the role.

5. Provide Thorough Onboarding

To ensure that your business’s marketing is successful, you must train your employees and teach them any skills or policies that they should know. If you don’t, you can’t expect them to fully succeed in their role.

You might not realize it, but the quality of job training matters to new hires. In fact, a BambooHR survey revealed that three-fourths of new hires said that training is important to them when starting a job. Ultimately, by investing time and resources into onboarding, it’ll benefit your business and employees.

We hope that after reading this post, you’re ready to start building a small business marketing team! If you have recruiting tips to share, let us know in the comment section below.

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