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How to Gain More Twitter Followers on Your Business Account
May 24, 2018

How to Gain More Twitter Followers on Your Business Account

With over 330 million active users, Twitter can help you accelerate your sales and reach new customers. When used strategically, this social networking site can help generate leads, drive traffic to your website, increase brand recognition, and build meaningful relationships with customers, just to name a few examples. In fact, 36 percent of marketers say they have gained at least one new customer by using Twitter!

While Twitter can be a beneficial tool to add to your social media marketing arsenal, it can be challenging to gain new followers on your business account. Without followers, it’s nearly impossible to reap the business benefits of Twitter, which is why we’ve compiled this list of 10 strategies that will help you gain more Twitter followers going forward!

10 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Business’s Account

1. Follow More Accounts

If you’re serious about gaining more Twitter followers, start by increasing the number of people you follow. You might not realize it, but following other people can prompt them to follow you back! This is especially the case if they are in your ideal customer demographics, or could prove to be a future partner. When you start following accounts, we suggest searching for local news outlets, vendors, potential customers, and any other account that is relevant to your business’s mission. Not only could you gain additional followers, but you could be able to pursue new opportunities as well!

2. Tweet Often

Did you know that the lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes or less? Since the window for a tweet to be seen is fleeting, it’s important to tweet multiple times throughout the day, and even consider tweeting important posts numerous times to gain the most exposure. If Twitter users see that you tweet frequently, they may be more likely to follow you. In addition, if you use hashtags or mention relevant keywords, it could be easier for them to find you and in turn follow your account.

3. Host Giveaways and Provide Coupons

Giveaways and coupons are a great way to build a loyal Twitter following. A staggering 94 percent of Twitter users state they follow brands on Twitter for exclusive discounts and promotions, and 88 percent follow accounts to enter giveaways. It’s important to remember that consumers want to benefit from your content. If they see that your account hosts frequent giveaways or shares coupon codes, they’ll be more likely to want to follow and interact with you on Twitter.

4. Produce Sponsored Posts

Running a sponsored campaign on Twitter to gain followers will help you promote your account and grow your following. Follower campaigns cost money, but are an affordable option that can help you gain the attention of active Twitter users who are in your targeted customer demographics.

5. Include Links in Your Tweets

Tweets with links are 86 percent more likely to be retweeted, which is why you should include a relevant link when possible. Adding links in your tweets will not only result in higher readership, but it can also lead to more retweets, which can expand your reach and increase your follower count.

6. Include Images

In addition to adding links to your tweets, you could benefit from adding images as well. In fact, tweets with images get two times more engagement than tweets with just words. This makes sense, as tweets with images are more eye-catching and stand out more in Twitter newsfeeds. If you need help creating relevant images, you can utilize resources such as Pexels, Pixabay, PikWizard to gain access to royalty-free images.

7. Use Trending Hashtags

Another way to gain more followers is to include relevant hashtags in your tweets. By including hashtags, you’ll expand your reach, and most likely more users will see your tweet. If you want to gain followers, adding hashtags is a simple solution. To determine how to choose hashtags, make sure that you pay attention to hashtags that are trending on Twitter. This is a good indication that a particular subject is interesting to users at this time, and you should capitalize on it!

8. Tweet on The Weekends

You might think that you’ll only need to tweet during business hours, but it’s important to produce content in the off hours too. For example, you should publish tweets on the weekend. Engagement for businesses on Twitter is 17 percent higher on the weekends than during the work week; however, only 19 percent of companies tweet on the weekends. If you’re serious about growing your Twitter following, you’ll need to commit to being active on Twitter, even on the weekends. If your business isn’t open on weekends, or you’re busy with personal responsibilities, try using tools like HootSuite to schedule tweets in advance.

9. Optimize Your Business Bio

To ensure that potential followers can clearly determine what Also, be sure to include your city to attract users in your area.

10. Include A Twitter Button on Your Website

Putting a button on your website that links to your Twitter profile makes it easy for users to find and follow you on Twitter. This tool will help you generate the code needed to place a Twitter button on your website.

Final Thoughts

Growing your following on Twitter will take time and effort on your part, but if you follow the tips listed in this post, you’ll be able to start acquiring new followers. If you are dedicated to posting content frequently, and adding additional resources such as links or hashtags, you’ll likely be able to attract new followers, who could later turn into loyal customers!

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