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Facebook Faux Pas Not to Make with Your Business's Page
July 25, 2016

Facebook Faux Pas Not to Make with Your Business's Page

Having a Facebook page for your small business can be very beneficial, but only if it is used in a professional manner. Check out these five faux pas you should never make with your small business Facebook page, and you’ll be able to boost sales, while using the page for marketing and customer service efforts.

When marketing your small business online, it is important to maintain a Facebook business page. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, so your business should have a profile to showcase your services and other information. Using Facebook for your small business will allow you to connect with customers, but if the page isn’t professional it could be detrimental to your business’s reputation. Check out these five faux pas that you should never make with your Facebook business page, so that you don’t damage your brand:

1. Don’t post anything personal – Your Facebook business page shouldn’t double as a personal profile. Posting about personal matters will reflect badly upon your business, and ultimately make you look unprofessional. It’s pretty simple; stick to posting about your small business on your company page!

2 Don’t post too much or not at all – When posting to your business’s Facebook page, you should try to find a happy medium. Posting infrequently may make customers question whether you’re still in business, but posting too often can be annoying to people who ‘like’ your page. Your posting schedule will greatly affect your Facebook page’s success, so consider this when maintaining your business profile.

3. Don’t respond negatively to customer complaints – If a customer leaves a negative comment on your business’s Facebook page, it is never acceptable to respond in a combative manner. Even if the customer is wrong, it is important to remain professional, since other potential customers will be able to see the exchange. In some cases, it may also be wise to message the customer separately to try and resolve the issue in private.

4. Don’t forget to update contact information – Featuring incorrect or outdated information about your business is never acceptable. Customers could assume that you’ve went out of business, or be unable to contact you regarding purchasing your products or services. In addition to updating the Page Info section, if your address or phone number has changed, you may want to share an additional post reminding customers about this.

5. Don’t neglect posting special offers – By posting information about promotions, you’ll have another outlet to potentially increase sales. Every effort counts, so make it a habit of posting about what your business is offering on your Facebook business page. If you really want to reach a lot of potential customers, consider creating a paid Facebook ad, so that your post is seen by individuals aside from your followers!

Using Facebook for business marketing should be done in a professional, intentional way. Although having a page is a great start, make sure that you’re not committing any of these Facebook faux pas, so that your efforts on the platform benefit your business!

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