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7 Signs Your Business Blog Needs a Staff Writer
October 20, 2017

7 Signs Your Business Blog Needs a Staff Writer

In the marketing world, having a blog can be a valuable tool for small businesses. Consistently posting to your company’s blog gives you the opportunity to be viewed as a resource to your target audience. However, many small businesses don’t know how to maximize their blogging potential!

Even if you are consistently updating your company’s blog, you could be committing major blogging mistakes that are affecting the success of your business. To combat this, you should consider hiring a staff writer who can take control of this important task.

This post will explain some of the signs that indicate your business could benefit from hiring a staff writer who can turn your company’s blog into a must-read site!

1. Your Blog is Plagued with Grammatical Errors

Writing error-free posts can be challenging for many business owners. Perhaps English is not your primary language, or you simply need to brush up on grammar best-practices.

If readers are pointing out that your posts are laced with grammatical errors, you should be alarmed. You could lose readers if your blog is not grammatically correct, and these individuals might be less likely to utilize your services.

By hiring a talented blogger, you can rest easy knowing that your posts are being written correctly. Your content won’t have grammatical mistakes that will distract readers from your compelling content, which should be one of your main goals.

2. You’re Running Out of Content Ideas

Brainstorming blog ideas can be a cumbersome task, especially if thinking of creative topics isn’t your strong suit. So, if your blog is lacking original content, then it might be time to hire a staff writer.

This individual can brainstorm relevant content, and then execute the process of writing these blog posts. Keeping your blog content exciting will allow you to gain more readers, which will hopefully turn them into loyal customers.

3. Your Posts Are Disorganized

If your small business’ blog posts have no sense of direction, readers will quickly lose interest. Why should they waste their time reading a post that is difficult to follow? Thankfully, hiring a professional writer is one way that you avoid rambling posts.

First, you should have them edit posts that are already on your site so they can revise these posts and give them a clear angle. Then, going forward, they can handle the organization of future content. This is likely a simple fix that a knowledgeable professional will be able to easily tackle.

4. Managing Your Blog Is Time-Consuming

As a business owner, you’re accountable for many responsibilities. So, if managing your blog is becoming a burden, you should assign this task to a professional.

Delegating blog management to a content coordinator will allow you to make better use of your time. Your new staff writer will be able to focus on the blog, and it won’t be an afterthought like it might be currently. Plus, the quality of your business blog will likely improve!

5. Your Blog Isn’t Posting About Current Trends

If your blog isn’t covering trending topics, you aren’t making the most of this platform.

While you could be too busy or simply not interested in keeping up with small business news, it is in the best-interest of your blog’s future to keep your posts current. Since it is part of their job description, a professional blogger will spend time researching industry news so that you can report about it in your blog. Once your blog features more topics that will interest readers, you’ll likely see a boost in your blog post’s views.

6. Your Blog Has Only One Content Format

Do you only write blogs in paragraph form, never trying how to posts, lists, infographics or other types of content? If so, then this is one of the signs that you need to hire a professional writer. You might be comfortable writing in a certain style, but a staff writer could diversify your content. Writing different kinds of posts will help you attract more readers, and will ensure that your blog doesn’t become predictable.

7. You Aren’t Adhering to Your Content Schedule

With all of your other responsibilities, it can be challenging to post on a consistent basis. If you can’t follow your content schedule, this is an indicator that you need some assistance.

Posting consistently gives you more opportunities to reach customers. Readers are more likely to visit your blog more often if they are sure that you post on specific days of the week without fail.

If you aren’t following your set schedule, then hire a writer who can do this. You might even be able to increase the amount of posts published on your blog, since this individual will have experience managing a content calendar.


Although many small business owners write their own blog content, many could benefit from hiring a staff writer instead. So, what are you waiting for? Hire a writer for your blog today!

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