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How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Manufacturing Business
November 26, 2018

How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Manufacturing Business

If you own a lucrative manufacturing business, chances are you’re looking to hire new people to meet customer demand. In fact, the manufacturing industry is experiencing growth that hasn’t been seen in decades, and employers are finding it hard to fill all of their open position. Plus, with the baby boomer generation beginning to hit retirement age, competition for skilled workers will only get fiercer. As a business owner, you must stay ahead of your peers when searching for talent, which is why you should know the best ways to attract quality candidates.

In this post, we’ll explain how you can hire the best employees for your manufacturing company. With so many businesses dipping into the same pool of workers, you can’t assume you’re always coming in with the top salary and benefits package. Instead, you must showcase your open jobs and exhibit how your company stands out, especially to millennials. Here’s a few things to focus on.

4 Tips for Hiring Manufacturing Employees

1. Post a Clear Job Description

 If job seekers have to try and guess what their role will be in your company, they’ll likely move on to the next listing. You have a very small amount of time to get your message across to potential employees, so it’s crucial that your job postings are concise and explain exactly what the open position is. In addition, it can be helpful to potential hires if you include information about what they can expect from you as a boss and business owner. For example, if you need to hire a new sheet metal mechanic, make sure you include what types of equipment they need to be familiar with, the density and thickness of metals being cut, and which techniques are used in fabrication.

With a clear job description, you’ll attract the best candidates who are the right fit for your role.

2. Try Different Recruiting Tools

If you can’t connect through the mediums of the younger generation, how can you expect them to become 20-year veterans at your company? Recruiting millennials can be tough and you need to speak their language. Posting on job boards like Monster and Glassdoor isn’t enough anymore. Instead, you’ll need to leverage social media and other online sources to help build a strong brand and show (instead of tell) prospective employees what your company is all about. If the standard techniques aren’t attracting desirable candidates, use manufacturing-specific job boards.

3. Offer More Than Just Money

A high salary is always a sought-after perk, but good employees will want more than just a hefty paycheck each week. Retaining quality employees means giving them a path for the future in addition to a competitive salary. Ask yourself a few questions as a before you begin interviewing candidates:

  • What growth opportunities will be available for this position in the future?
  • What types of training and further education can I provide them?
  • How can I reward strong performance or reprimand poor performance?
  • What types of job benefits are important to this person?

Making your employees feel valuable and appreciated is the ultimate retention tool. If you treat employees like they’re replaceable, you’ll be spending a lot of time sharing new job postings.

4. Practice and Promote Safety

 Fears about safety in the manufacturing industry are often overblown, but that doesn’t stop a large portion of the workforce from believing it’s hazardous. Manufacturing companies need to do a better job dispelling the myth that jobs are dirty, dangerous, and physically intense. For starters, putting a big emphasis on following safety guidelines and OHSA regulations lets new hires know they’ll be taken care of.

Start Hiring the Best Manufacturing Employees!

Hiring new employees always comes with a bit of uncertainty but using these guidelines should help your business attract the best possible hires. The competition for talent doesn’t show signs of fading either, so if you’re having trouble finding qualified candidate, ask yourself what new strategies you can adopt to change the game.

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