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7 Quick Service Tips in Honor of National Fast Food Day
November 16, 2016

7 Quick Service Tips in Honor of National Fast Food Day

When patrons visit your restaurant, chances are many of them are on the move. Why should their food be any different? Today is National Fast Food Day, which means it might be time to implement or improve your business’s takeout experience.

People flock to fast food establishments because they appreciate convenience. They want to grab a quick bite, without taking away too much time from their busy lives.

Even if your business isn’t a fast food establishment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give customers a delicious ‘fast food’ selection and quick service. In honor of National Fast Food Day, check out our best fast food restaurant ideas below!

How to Deliver Fast Restaurant Service on National Fast Food Day

1. Have Staff Members Dedicated to Takeout Orders

Make sure that the to-go sector of your business runs smoothly! Assign a few employees the role of being devoted solely to takeout. They’ll be able to ensure that the fast food portion of your business is functioning efficiently, and you’ll have the rest of your staff working on your in-house operations.

2. Create a Shortened To-Go Menu

Keep it simple and make a condensed fast food menu. This will prevent your staff from getting bogged down with complicated orders that aren’t suited for takeout. Talk to your chefs, and find out which dishes are difficult to make in a quick fashion, or items that aren’t as tasty after they’ve been sitting out for a while. With the help of your team, you can collectively decide on a menu that is conducive for takeout.

3. Establish an Online Ordering System

Streamline your takeout process by allowing customers to place their orders online, or through a mobile app. This will lessen an influx of phone calls, and alleviate stress from your team. This is a fast food restaurant idea that will be much appreciated by your customers, who want to place their orders in a reliable manner!

4. Do Things Ahead of Time

Fast food is so quick because a lot of the items are partially or fully prepared ahead of time. If possible, try to make certain things that are ready-to-go in order to optimize your restaurant’s takeout process. With grab and go items prepared ahead of time, anything else that needs to be prepared will be limited.

5. Advertise To-Go Options

If your patrons only think of your restaurant as a sit-down place, make them aware of your fast food menu. Promote your fast food service on your website, social media accounts and printed marketing materials. Hopefully, your existing customers will take advantage of this, and new visitors will stop by to check out your fast food assortment!

6. Offer Healthy Alternatives

Many times, when people think of fast food, they think of unhealthy items. This doesn’t have to be the case at your establishment. Whether you’re going to pre-make to-go items, or are looking to update your takeout menu, make sure that patrons have healthy takeout options to choose from. Fast food doesn’t have to be hamburgers and fries; many of your patrons will appreciate a fresh salad that they can grab while on-the-go!

7. Increase Spending in This Area

If you’re serious about executing your fast food restaurant ideas, consider applying for additional working capital from a lender! With a restaurant loan or merchant cash advance, you’ll be able to pay for costs that are necessary to expanding your business’s offerings. These costs could be hiring extra staff members, purchasing to-go containers or updating marketing materials. You’ll thank yourself when your takeout services are a success!

On National Fast Food Day, consider how you can develop to-go services at your restaurant. This is another way for you to reach new patrons, and your existing customer base will appreciate the convenient options.

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