CEO & Founder

Jared Feldman CEO Fora Financial

Jared D. Feldman is CEO and Founder of Fora Financial. In 2008, Jared founded Paramount Merchant Funding with his college roommate, Dan Smith. Since then, they rebranded to Fora Financial, and have developed the company into a leader in the Small Business Lending industry. With over a decade of experience within the financial services and small business industries, Jared has ensured that the Fora Financial team achieves continued growth. With his passion for small businesses and expertise in marketing and sales, Jared has led Fora Financial in providing over $1.9 billion to more than 25,000 customers. Prior to founding Fora Financial, Jared worked at a small startup financial firm as a lead salesman.

Jared received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Indiana University.