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Following a Dream

Dickson Shreffler’s passion for the retail business began when he was 16 years old and working at a Florida Supermarket. In 1988 an opportunity to purchase a small 3,000 square foot consignment shop fell into Dickson’s lap and he took it. Twenty five years later Dickson is the owner of one of the largest antique consignment stores on the east coast. With over 300 antique dealers in the business, and now located in a 55,000 square foot warehouse in Charlotte, NC Dickson’s dreams have come true.

The process there was quite transparent, you know what you were getting into, quite honest, actually very easy and as I grew and took more advances, the terms got better.

A New Friend

After moving into the large warehouse in 2008, Dickson and the rest of the country were facing tough times. After spending some time looking for financing Dickson got in contact with CEO and owner of Fora Financial, Jared Feldman. Jared took a chance on The Sleepy Poet Antique Mall and as Fora Financial grew so did The Sleepy Poet. The two of them have worked closely together the last five years and don’t hesitate to call each other friends.


Dickson has now been a long time partner of Fora Financial. Since 2008 he has used their services on ten different occasions and each time the amount of financing has increased. In the most recent funding Dickson received $120,000 to use towards his online and advertising presence.

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