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Merchant Funding

Our Merchant Funding program is designed to work alongside the pace of your business, where the remittance of credit card receipts that were purchased are adjusted based on how your business’ revenue fluctuates. And our commitment to small businesses means you can borrow as little as $5,000 or as much as $500,000.

Requirements for a Merchant Cash Advance*

  • At least 3 months in business
  • $5K minimum monthly credit card sales OR $15K Minimum Monthly Revenue

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

  • No set terms
  • Early payoff discounts as low as 10 cents on the dollar

Repayment method is a percentage of your future sales. This is the suggested program for a company that accepts credit cards.

*Meeting guidelines does not guarantee funding.

How Much Funding Can I Get?

Drag the sliders below to get an estimate of how much working capital your business may be eligible to receive. A Working Capital Specialist needs to confirm the funding amount after a thorough review of your business.