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How to handle business human resources like a pro

November 30, 2016

Being a small business owner can sometimes require wearing many hats. In addition to running your small business’s operations, you may have to help out in other areas. Many small businesses aren’t able to afford a human resources staff, causing the owner to manage these responsibilities.


How to take charge of your small business's finances

October 03, 2016

Do you wish you were able to consistently monitor your business’s finances and plan for the future? If so, use Financial Planning Month as an opportunity to take charge of your business’s finances, and create new, productive habits.


7 Steps to Building a Seasonal Business Budget

September 09, 2016

Businesses experience seasonality for a number of reasons. Traditionally, this can be in the form of a beach boardwalk shop in a coastal town that generates most of its revenue when tourists visit in the summer. But as new businesses emerge in the SaaS and technology space, they too experience fluctuations in earnings throughout the year based on their industry or their buyer’s behaviors. These can be drastic but they can also be subtle and harder to detect.


How to protect your business’s finances from your customers

September 08, 2016

When it comes to running a successful business, it’s no secret that the customer is crucial to success, but what about when that lifeline turns into a risk? Two-thirds of business owners recently surveyed by APQC reported a slowdown in customer payments over the last five years. Since small businesses rely heavily on everyday cash flow to fulfill financial obligations like paying bills, replenishing inventory, and making payroll, late payments or failure to pay can be devastating.


Marketing tip of the month: writing email newsletters

August 18, 2016

Welcome to our new series, where we’ll share a marketing tip each month! In these posts, we’ll offer helpful marketing ideas that you can use for your small business, regardless of industry. Running a small business has numerous challenges, but knowing how to market your products or services will enable you to generate new business like a pro!


Making debt payments? Here's what you need to know

August 17, 2016

Having outstanding debt can be a stressful, financially taxing time as a small business owner. It can seem impossible to find responsible ways to pay off debt, while also running a successful business. In this post, we’ll provide four tips to pay off debt, so that you can get back on track and focus on the future of your small business.


3 Steps to Taking Business Tax-Filing Efficiency Into Your Own Hands

August 12, 2016

When you run a business that’s based in the United States, you’re responsible for filing an annual tax return to disclose your business activities for the year. You’re also responsible for paying any amount due based on your taxable income (net income).  


How to master successful small business customer service

June 13, 2016

Handling customer service issues can be tricky! Make sure your small business is prepared to correctly respond to customer service complaints, so that you can retain customers and resolve any problem that comes your way.


Six technology tips for your small business

June 06, 2016

Take your small business to the next level with these six technology tips! From security to mobile commerce, there are many ways your small business can grow its technology efforts.


How to run a productive small business meeting

June 02, 2016

Running productive business meetings can be challenging! Make sure that you and your employees are holding effective meetings, so that you accomplish your goals, and don’t waste time. Follow these five pointers, and you’ll be able to conduct meetings that benefit your small business’s future.

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