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Was your business's rent raised? Here's how to handle it

October 26, 2016

Your lease is up, and you’re upset to find that your landlord has significantly increased your small business’s rent. If you’re satisfied with your business’s location, chances are you are nervous about the possibility of moving to a new space.


How to use working capital to expand your medical business

October 24, 2016

Running a successful medical practice requires hard work, dedication and plenty of funding on-hand for various costs. Chances are, like many small business owners, you have big plans for your establishment that you want to bring to fruition. With the help of medical business loans, you can make your plans a reality!


What to consider before applying for working capital

October 21, 2016

Running a small business means tending to a variety of areas. You need to ensure your business has enough cash flow for bills, paying employees and other day-to-day costs. In addition, your business may require funds for equipment updates, expansion costs, restocking inventory, among other necessary investments. In order to do this, you could apply for small business working capital from a lender. This is a responsible and actionable way to benefit your small business.


How to use working capital for your grocery store

October 17, 2016

Grocery stores are an industry in high demand; people are always going to need somewhere to purchase food and other household items. Running a profitable grocery or convenience store requires hardworking employees, consistently replenished inventory and financial planning, among other aspects. If you’re reviewing your grocery store business plan and can think of costs that you’re having trouble paying for, it might be time to consider applying for additional working capital from a lender.


7 reasons to pursue working capital before the holidays

October 14, 2016

The holiday season can be overwhelming, especially for small business owners. If you’re lacking necessary funds to make it through the holidays, you may want to pursue business working capital from a lender. At Fora Financial, we understand that small business owners are always trying to elevate their services, and the holiday season is the ideal time to do this. Skip the hassle and uncertainty of bank loans, or cutting necessary costs required to execute your holiday business ideas.


6 reasons to apply for a manufacturing loan

October 07, 2016

Did you know that today is National Manufacturing Day? As a small business owner in the manufacturing industry, it is likely that you can think of various ways to improve your business. Investing in your business’s future is pivotal, which is why you should consider pursuing manufacturing loans. In this post, we’ll offer suggestions on how you can use financing for your manufacturing business, so that you can get inspired!


How to take charge of your small business's finances

October 03, 2016

Do you wish you were able to consistently monitor your business’s finances and plan for the future? If so, use Financial Planning Month as an opportunity to take charge of your business’s finances, and create new, productive habits. In this post, we’ll offer ways that you can tackle your business financial plan, so that you can generate sales, responsibly manage your finances and accomplish your future goals.


Borrowing money from a loved one for your business? Think again

September 26, 2016

When running a small business, there may be times when you’ll find yourself in need of some extra capital. Whether you recently opened a small business and require financing to get it up and running, or have an existing business that is in need of cash to grow, it is always important to have money available. If you’re in a bind, you may have considered borrowing money from family or friends. While this may seem like the perfect solution, it could cause a strain between you and the person you’re borrowing from.


Ready for more working capital? Here's what you need to know

September 21, 2016

Since receiving working capital from a lender, your business has had additional financing available for whatever your needs may be. Whether you needed to repair broken equipment, open a new location, purchase inventory or simply have funds available for future projects, you’ve experienced the benefits of working capital solutions from a small business lender. Now, you’re ready for more! In this post, we’ll explain the ins and outs of a merchant cash advance or loan renewal, so that your business can continue to prosper.


5 reasons to use working capital for growing your team

September 14, 2016

Are you interested in expanding your small business’s staff, but don’t have funds to pay these new employees? Recruiting employees can be a costly process, and your small business will want to do this as efficiently as possible. If you don’t have the funds to hire new employees, consider using small business working capital to make it happen. In this post, we’ll provide five reasons why you should consider using additional working capital to cover small business recruitment.

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