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How to Start a Business While Paying Back Student Loans

May 24, 2017

If you have ever dreamed of or began the process of starting a business, you know how daunting it can seem. No matter what industry or niche you’re going into, the concept of turning your idea into a profitable and sustainable business takes a lot of time and serious effort.


How the process of getting a personal loan and small business loan are different

May 18, 2017

A loan is a loan, right? Well, in principle it is, but when it comes to how to get a loan, then you may be faced with the decision of applying for a business or personal loan.


How to pay back a loan during slow seasons

May 11, 2017

Just about every small business finds itself in a cash crunch from time to time. In fact, in 2015, small U.S. businesses borrowed almost $1.2 trillion, and in the last twelve months, 73 percent of small businesses used financing, according to the Small Business Administration. This is to be expected, as most small businesses don’t have the deep pockets that larger corporations enjoy.


5 small business accounting tips for post-tax season

May 01, 2017

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, you survived tax season. We understand if you’re sick of thinking about filing taxes and all of the components that come with this. Still, you may thank yourself later if you start preparing for next year’s Tax Day now.


Why you Should Invest in your Daycare Business

April 24, 2017

As a daycare business owner, you’re likely always trying to determine ways to best serve the children you’re responsible for, as well as their parents. In order to improve your services, it might be time to consider expanding your business’s services.


Why you should apply for financing if you've been operational for over a year

April 21, 2017

Running a small business can be a rewarding journey. As a business owner who has been successfully operating a business for over a year, you can probably identify areas of your business that are strong.


4 Great Financing Alternatives for Small Businesses

April 12, 2017

The small business financing marketplace is changing. Years ago, the only financing options were conventional loans obtained through banks, but today small businesses have multiple options from many different types of lenders. To help you sort through some of your choices, here are four different types of lending, with pros and cons for each:


How to prepare your beach business for the summer season

April 11, 2017

Believe it or not, summer will be here before we know it. That means that your beach business’s opening day is approaching! As a beach business owner, it is essential that you take time to properly prepare your establishment for the upcoming season.


Federal Interest Rates and the Impact They Have on Small Businesses

April 06, 2017

In March, The Federal Reserve raised the fed funds rate by 0.25 percent. As of now, the overnight interbank borrowing rate will not have a huge impact on your small business. Still, it is another step in what seems to be a concerted effort to boost rates significantly higher.


What the state of the working capital industry means for your business

March 31, 2017

When applying for additional working capital, it’s important to review the lenders’ application process, guidelines and funding speeds. What many applicants don’t realize is that it is equally vital to research the lenders’ current financial state, credibility and how it is affecting their customers.

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