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Want to master small business organization? Clean your desk

January 09, 2017

It started out as a small paper pile, and suddenly turned into a massive stack of work documents, mixed with mail and random, unnecessary junk. Does this sound like your desk? If so, then take advantage of National Clean off Your Desk Day and organize your desk today!

Having a messy space will probably cause you to lose important information that is necessary to running your small business, which is why you should take small business organization seriously. We previously shared our productivity guide for small business owners, but if you still need inspiration, check out these five small business organization tips!

1. When in doubt, throw it out – Aside from important documents relating to your business’s finances, get into the habit of throwing out papers that you won’t need in the future. Hoarding excess paperwork, mail, coupons and other scraps will create an overwhelming space.

2. Invest in materials –Need some simple office organization tips to try? Start by purchasing a few different storage bins that you can use to safely store documents for your small business. Having these tools will help you get into the habit of filing away papers as you receive them, instead of turning your desk into a disorderly mess.

3. Create a work-only zone – Your desk at work shouldn’t be used for anything other than papers related to your small business. This isn’t a space to keep your personal bills, magazine collection, shopping coupons or any other miscellaneous items. Small business organization is much easier when you aren’t including your personal items in the mix.

4. De-clutter – Just like this day’s name says, clean off your desk! A messy desk can lead to a scattered mind, so do your best to get all of your paperwork filed away or placed in drawers. Even if you don’t mind the disorderliness, try to adapt small business organization best practices, like de-cluttering. Your business’s operations will benefit!

5. Keep cleaning – Although National Clean off Your Desk Day is the perfect opportunity to get organized, sticking to a cleaning schedule will ensure your work space doesn’t turn into a huge mess. Once a week, do a quick sweep and get rid of things you don’t need, and file away important papers. You’ll thank yourself later when everything is where it is supposed to be.

Small business organization can make or break your company’s mission. If your work space is a mess, chances are other aspects of your business will take a hit. In honor of National Clean Off Your Desk Day, focus on your workspace and ways that you can keep it tidy. With these office organization tips, you’ll be able to turn these ideas into productive habits.

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