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How to Recruit the Best College Graduates

August 06, 2013

Recruiting new employees? Don’t forget about recent college graduates! They are eager to gain experience in their fields, and are often among the most dedicated and hardworking employees. Keep reading to find out our tips for hiring the most promising candidates.

Finding the right person for a job is critical for success, no matter what the business is. College graduates are an excellent audience for a recruiter because they’re constantly searching for work. College graduates are offered minimal opportunities after college and tend to be great employees, as they are eager to learn.  Recent graduates demonstrate flexibility, creativity, motivation and skills that a business needs in order to stay successful.

College graduates clearly benefit from this as well.  Besides the fact that they will now be employed and making money, your first job exposes you to new learning opportunities.  Your first job puts what you learned in college to the test!  Being a young professional in a small business gives you the opportunity to work with a team of leaders and receive mentoring from the management at your company.   This is something that is very difficult to get if you are working in a large corporation. In a larger firm, college graduates feel as if they become a number to the company, and often have their skills and accomplishments go unnoticed.  Recruiting recent college graduates is beneficial for the small business looking to hire. College graduates are fresh candidates; they are free of old habits and routines and they can be molded into an excellent employee for the company.

Recruiting college graduates is easier than most people think.  Making your company’s name known before graduation day is a great way to prepare for the future, such as sponsoring campus events to inform students about important information. Getting involved in professional organizations on campus will introduce you to the right college students who are interested in your industry.  Social media is extremely important in the eye of a college student as well.  Keeping social media channels up to date will keep college students informed about information that may catch their eye as graduation day approaches.

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