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Market Your Auto Business

December 09, 2013

As a small business owner in the auto industry, it is important that you learn how to master inexpensive marketing strategies in order to boost sales. Offering holiday promotions, creating marketing campaigns and social media profiles are all great ways to get started.

Most Americans own, lease, or have driven a vehicle at some point in time. If you are an American that currently relies on your automobile to get where you need to be, then you have most likely driven to an auto body shop or auto mechanic center for assistance. Whether it’s an oil change, a warning light, or a tire change, we rely on these centers to help us get our cars up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s been an oil change, a warning light, or a tire change, we rely on these centers to help us get our cars up and running as quickly as possible.

Even the smallest of towns often have more than one auto mechanic, so it is important for these businesses to try and stand out to get more customers. Public relations & marketing are not usually the first things that come to mind when you think of this type of establishment, but they should be. Using the right kind of marketing strategies can help make your repair shop stand out from the rest.

One important tool for every type of business is customer service. When it comes to running a small business in a local community, treating customers well is extremely crucial in winning customer loyalty. Using social media for a free, but powerful marketing tool is a great way to communicate with your clientele. Along with sharing industry news and promotions with your current customers, social media allows the savvy business owner to amplify their voice to the friends of their current customers.

If you have some extra cash that you are planning to spend on marketing, think about creating a website. It does not have to be a ten page layout, but a place for customers to land when searching for your type of service. Similar to having a website, another quick tool to consider is collecting your customers emails every time they are in. Once you have a substantial list, periodically send out email blasts. Offering promotions around the holidays and for periodical maintenance needs can remind customers it’s time to pay you a visit.

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